Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Heart Means Everything"

Monday, December 1, 2008

HAHAHA, interesting solution. I kind of surprised myself with this one.

Assignment for SooJin Buzelli. A possible publication. This was fun to do.

Over the summer I did freelance work for Calvin Klein. Here were my finished designs that they agreed on. It was a very new experience to work for someone like them, but I learned alot.
Just a flash sheet on some hot-press paper,  not my favorite, but its a decent sheet.

Gypsy. Worked on this over a 3 day period during the summer. Its a really sweet frame.
This was fun! An Irish key of the back of someone's arm.

Did this apprenticing over the summer on a good friend of mine.
God, I want to be tattooing. No more school I'm ready for the real world.

Word. This be an Eagle.

Fighting and Fuckin'... Thesis for Junior year. I attempted to mix too many styles of tattooing and I'm still not sure how successful I was with the result. Never made it into the show at the end of the year, but I definately learned alot and it was quite a challenge working so large scale. P.S. I chose to illustrate Ramses II.

HA, good story behind this one.... I was soo proud when I finished this painting. It came out so good. Entered it in the Upstarts Show @ Saved Tattoo and never got it back, Nice right?!

This was my first pair I painted for my brother. Because of these I have done 4 other pairs.

YEEEAAHHHH!! Fresh pair of kicks for a good friend of mine.