Sunday, November 23, 2008

HANNYA!! I just love Japanese tattoo work. The compositions, the colors, the meanings behind all of the imagery is so incredible. I would love to be tattooing stuff like this on people. All I have to do is find an apprenticeship and hopefully be on my way.
I worked on this over the summer as well. Sugar Skull. I have found a bunch of paintings very similar in composition with roses around the skull, so I feel I didn't think too much outside the box, but at the time I had fun working on this one.

Here is a pair of Vans slip ons I did over the summer for a friend of mine. I really like working on a 3-D surface you have to think a little differently than just working on a canvas or sheet of paper.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Day

I have just started my blog, with some help I would like to have a website in the very near future as well, on account it IS one of our assignments for class. My fall semester of senior year is coming to a close soon and things are pretty tough. I will be posting some pictures of work from this year in a bit. 

I would like to mention for all of those artists out there whether you be photographers, illustrators, painters, cartoonists, tattooists, etc., if you haven't heard of the Orphan Works please check it out. It is a bill that can possibly be passed and play a huge part in the art world and in society in general. If you have a few minutes check out some of the links I have posted to get an idea of how crazy this thing is.